Winter Garden: Part II

Now before you rebuke this post about gardening listen up.  I realize that most of you in the US are buried under 2 feet of snow and I do feel for ya.  Growing up in middle America with plenty of snow I can honestly say that I fully appreciate the Northern California winter days we’ve been having full of 70 degree sunshine and blue skies.  Although, global warming is definitely in full effect because I cannot remember it being this nice during our normally rainy winters.
Nonetheless, it is possible to have a winter garden no matter where you live!  I cannot even begin to tell you the benefits of growing your own food.  Even if you only have a small, sunny windowsill to plant your seeds-do it!  You’ll feel such accomplishment when you actually get a taste of your produce.
We made these cute, crafty, inexpensive garden signs so that we remembered where we planted everything.  I scavenged around the house looking for popsicle sticks and wooden skewers (straws would also work) along with index cards that I laminated.  I found a $30 laminator at Target which is super fun to use for various things!  
My boys drew pictures of the veggies they were planting using colorful markers and oil pastels.
Next, use packing tape or hot glue to secure the sticks onto the back of the laminated index paper and push into the ground next to your seeds or seedlings.
Cold weather, winter veggies to try are spinach, kale, broccoli, beets, radishes, potatoes and onions.  I like this site for tips on gardening.
These guys had so much fun in the garden!  Check out my first Winter Garden post from last month here.  And this one from our summer garden in 2012.  And of course this super funny video of my then 3-year old’s backyard garden party.
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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this blog! I’m following you on Twitter now, to make sure I never miss a post. 😀
    I live in Brisbane, Australia. It never gets too cold for a garden here and last Winter (your Summer) we had some unseasonably hot days that my garden veg didn’t like at all! Oh dear… Yours looks fantastic, though. I love your garden signs! Super cute. 🙂

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