We’re Veganish?

When I started this blog over 2 years ago my three kids and I were definitely hard-core vegans.  My husband was not and is not.  Although he’s certainly come a long way by craving green smoothies every morning and loving the giant veggie-packed salads I tuck in his lunch for work every day.  However, things have evolved with us over the last 6 months or so and I thought it was only right to share.  I’ve been so focused on labels and “what are we?  are we vegan?  but my husband isn’t and my youngest isn’t always…”.

So I had a lovely revelation.

Labels suck.

They scare people and create guilt and falling off the wagon, then back on and this whole ugly cycle.  It’s really been so freeing now that I can honestly say I cook what I feel is best for my family.  The funny thing is now that I’ve declared this I’ve been eating way cleaner with a high raw vegan diet.  So for those of you doing the 28 Day Vegan Challenge, I’d say continue to work the plan and know that it’s only for 28 days.  If you feel like you can’t handle it after that, then give yourself a break!  It’s all good and you’ll be better for it.  But I really hope you continue with it!

As for me, I hate labels but if I had to would label myself as veganish, sometimes raw vegan (especially in the summer!), sometimes 80/10/10.  Yes, I strangely still crave cheese during certain times of the month even though I know how it’s made and how those mama cows are treated.  Within the last 2 months I’ve had seafood twice for the first time in forever just because I felt like it.  I don’t see myself wavering further off than that though.  My oldest boys are firm vegans.  I mean firm!

My  youngest Veggie Kid, Jett-who is now 4, is “veganish”.  I’m not really a fan of labels but let me explain.  He’s vegan when he’s with me but really can’t be labeled such because he’s decided on his own that he likes to eat an occasional cheese stick, pepperoni pizza when offered and cheese cake if his daddy’s having some.  It all depends on who he’s with and I don’t freak out about any of it.

My oldest two Veggie Kids have lectured their littlest brother about what he’s actually eating (“you know you’re eating pig butts!?”) but we’ve all had a discussion about it and decided it’s best not to make him feel bad for his decisions but to encourage his healthy “veganish” habits.  Remember, the kid’s only 4!  But he knows what he likes.  He loves all veggies, vegan “meat” and just about anything else I make for him but he also loves some non-vegan foods.

I’ve never been one to make anyone feel bad for their choices and only hope to encourage others to eat healthy and make smarter, more nutritious choices.  If my other 2 kids decide to no longer be herbivores I wouldn’t bat an eye.  As long as they’re not eating crappy processed foods I’d be okay.  I’ve heard from so many of you that struggle with having a mixed family, meaning one parent or child is a meat-eater while the other is plant-based.  Yes, it’s a struggle at times but keeping the focus on “health” makes everything work.

It’s not too late to start the 28-Day Vegan Challenge!  Join in at anytime.  It’s designed to ease you into going more plant-based.  Do it!

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  1. Awesome post – I so appreciate your honesty! We are a mixed family too (my hubby is a firm omnivore, I’m a firm vegan, my oldest is mostly vegan, she eats eggs very occasionally and my youngest is pretty well vegan) and I’ve always told my girls that its their choice as to how they want to eat, esp. as they get older. They are happy eating their vegan food but its their body and in the end it will be their choice. I’m just glad we are giving them such a strong foundation right now. They eat such a great variety of fruits/veggies/legumes and whole grains and I think that those preferences will stick for the long term – even if they decide to incorporate some animals foods in one day.

    1. Thank you! How comforting it is to here there are other people in the same boat as us. The great thing is that we’re all showing our kids how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle, no matter what they choose when they’re older. Keep up the great work!!!

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