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How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

As I reflect on 2017 with such gratitude, I think about the adventures and changes my family, and my country, have been on.  I also think about how much of what I experienced was absolutely intentional.  I didn’t just sit back and react, letting life happen to me.  Instead, I created a powerful morning habit I’ve stuck with for 2 years now.  It’s a habit that has changed my world completely.  And I want to share it with you so that your 2018 is as powerful as it can be!

So bear with me as I don’t give you any healthy vegan recipes with this post, but instead provide you with some life changing tips and tactics that have worked well for me.

In 2017, I manifested:

  • the very quick sale of one home
  • another new home
  • two ideal jobs
  • a neighborhood and community I wanted
  • fabulous dates with the hubby
  • an amazing network of new friends
  • so many healthy habits I’ve managed to stick with for months and months

The secret?  Power hour.  

Here’s how you can create the life you want in 2018, starting right now!


The most difficult part is waking up earlier than you’re used to.  Set your alarm to wake up an hour earlier than normal.  This is going to start with you planning the night before, by the way.  You’ll need to create a relaxing bedtime routine, being sure to hit the sack at a decent hour.  I’m sure you know to avoid late night snacking, drinking and screens of any sort if you hope for a good night’s sleep.  For me, it meant starting my kids bedtime routine earlier too.

Once you’ve planned your bedtime routine to reflect the fact that you’ll be getting up earlier, set that alarm and stick to it.  Don’t hit snooze!  There are alarms that track your sleep patterns, making it much nicer to wake up.  (The iPhone has this feature.) Try it!  It made a world of difference when I was just starting out with this.

Now, have the things you’ll need laid out so that when you do wake up, you’re ready to go!

You’ll want to have:

  • a glass of water (with lemon is even better!)
  • a book you want to read (you’ll be surprised by how fast you can get through a book by reading just 10 minutes each morning!)  Check out the reading list below!
  • a journal (or something to track your writing) and pen or pencil (make it fancy or pretty so the process is even more fun!)
  • your calendar
  • meditation music or guided meditation set to your device (this app is cool)
  • workout clothes and a space to stretch/strength train
  • vision journal or vision board


You’ll spend just 10 minutes doing each thing with as much intention as you can muster up.  You choose the order, knowing it could change the more you start to LOVE this time of day.  At first, it may feel forced or difficult, but I can guarantee you that over the course of only a week of being consistent with the Power Hour process, you’ll find this to be the BEST part of your whole day.  Soon, you’ll start to see changes happening in your mood, the people and circumstances you’re surrounded with, and the opportunities coming your way.


Here’s how mine looks:

  1. Get up, put on workout clothes or comfy yoga-type clothes, drink a tall glass of water with fresh lemon
  2. Find a quiet spot in the house where I know I won’t be interrupted.  (I’ve tried doing this process with my husband, but found it be distracting because we each have our own intentions, so I prefer to be alone.  I’ve also had to hide out in garage or office space where my kids won’t wake up to find me and start asking me for things.)
  3. Read for 10 minutes (set your timer and stick to it!).
  4. Gratitude journaling for 10 minutes (write down every single thing you can think of to be grateful for).
  5. Meditation for 10 minutes.  (I used to use a guided meditation from YouTube, but now am good at doing it on my own…most days.)
  6. Flip through my vision book for 10 minutes (it’s like a vision board, but smaller and in a small journal so I can carry it with me).  I sometimes also write out exactly what having that thing would feel like, as if I have it now.  For example, when I manifested my current house, I described each room, each view, the neighbors, the lighting, etc.  I began to picture it so clearly that it was as if I was actually there, living in it.
  7. Stretch and/or some sort of aerobic or strength training for just 10 minutes (this could be push-ups, jumping jacks…something to get your heart pumping.)
  8. Using my calendar, I quickly go through my day and picture that things I want to happen (for 10 minutes).  I’ve also just started writing down 3 personal and 3 work-related things I want to achieve for the day.


That’s it!  Just 10 minutes with each activity.  10 minutes x 6 activities = 1 power hour

Make yourself a little checklist in your journal when you first begin so that you know you won’t leave anything off.  If you truly cannot get a whole hour in, at least try for 5-7 minutes of each activity.  Sometimes I get so lost in one of the 6 things, that I have to cut another short.  Other days, my hour power lasts 90 minutes.

Now see how great you feel when you attack your day, versus reacting to your day.

By the way, if you’re looking for some life-changing, inspirational books to incorporate into your morning routine, here are my top favorites:



Here’s to a happy, healthy, intentional 2018!  I hope you not only try the Power Hour, but pass this post along to others.  It will truly change your life for the best.  Leave me a comment below when you start this process.  I’d LOVE to hear how it’s going!

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