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Happy New Year!  Where did 2014 go?  I feel like it flew by so fast.  Did you make any New Years resolutions?  Have you had it in the back of your mind that you want your family to eat healthier?  I know it’s always been one of my goals, although I didn’t always have a system that worked.  That’s why I developed the Weeknight Vegan eCourse (formerly called The 30 Day Vegan).  I wanted to make family dinners a good experience, not a time where I’m stressed out and the kids are cranky/hungry so they eat something not-so-healthy since I don’t have a plan in place.

With the New Year, it’s a fresh start.  Now is your chance to finally overhaul your family’s dinner routine.  The Weeknight Vegan eCourse starts January 23rd.  Sign up between now and January 16th for the discounted rate ($50 off!).  The price will go up after that date.  

This eCourse is has only been offered once before and here’s what people said”

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 Read more about the transformational eCourse here and sign up today!

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