The BEST Vegan Sugar Cookies & Easy Vegan Sugar Cookie Frosting

When I say The BEST Vegan Sugar Cookies I mean it!  This is a childhood recipe from my mom who got it from a neighbor who was notorious for her amazing kitchen creations.  Apparently, she didn’t give up recipes easily so this one is out of the vault now!
I use “flax eggs” instead of eggs.  Most vegan sugar cookie recipes I’ve come across use EnerG egg replacers but I like using super healthy flax seeds whenever possible.  The great thing is that you’d never know I used it-these cookies taste just like the real deal.  Even Santa would approve! 
The BEST Vegan Sugar Cookies
makes 24-28 cookies, depending on size
1 1/4 C. non-dairy butter, softened (I like Earth Balance)
1 C. sugar
1 egg replacer (use either EnerG or “flax egg” = 1 Tb. ground flax seeds + 3 Tb. warm water
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
4 C. flour
1 tsp. baking powder (aluminum-free)

1.  Preheat oven to 350F.
2.  In small cup, mix together ground flax seeds and water to make flax egg.  Set aside.
3.  In large bowl, mix together butter and sugar until fluffy using electric beaters.  
     Beat in flax egg and vanilla.
4.  Using a large wooden spoon, stir in baking powder and flour, first adding 2 cups, then gradually adding in the last two cups as you continue to stir.  The dough will seem a bit dry at first but keep stirring and it will soften up. If you’re really struggling with it, just add a touch more water.  
(Although I haven’t needed to yet.)
5.  Cover and chill dough for 1 hour.
6.  Roll dough out onto floured flat surface to 1/4″ thick.
7.  Bake on greased cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes.  (I like mine soft so I remove them from the oven     right at the 8 minute mark!)
Remove from cookie sheet and place onto cooling rack or the like.
8.  Be sure to cool completely before frosting.  
And if you’re using sprinkles only, be sure to add them before you bake!
Tip:  You could easily double the recipe and freeze half the dough for another time.  Or better yet, freeze it into a “log” shape, put some curly ribbons on the end and give it as a Holiday gift for another family to roll, cut and decorate!
Easy Vegan Sugar Cookie Frosting
2 C. powdered sugar (use a vegan version if you can, they’re not all created equal)
1 Tb. non-dairy butter, softened (I use Earth Balance original or whipped)
1-2 Tb. non-dairy milk (I use vanilla almond milk), you may need more or less, depending on the consistency you desire*
1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract 
to make it chocolate: add 1 Tb. cocoa powder, unsweetened

1.  In large bowl, add powdered sugar, then mix in the butter by hand with a large wooden spoon.  
Stir in vanilla.  Slowly add in the milk, 1 tablespoon at a time. 

 2.  Continue to stir until completely smooth with no clumps.  I like mine to be a bit thicker for easier spreading when using it for the sugar cookies.  You could make it thinner and drizzle it on as well.  

3.  If you want it to be chocolatey, just stir in the cocoa powder!

4.  Add sprinkles on top if you desire while the frosting is still wet.  Let dry at room temperature and store in air-tight container, separating with waxed paper.

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    1. Did you let it chill for the full hour? If you did that and it’s still crumbly, add a touch more water, work it through and let it chill again, covered in plastic wrap. I’ve made this recipe several times without having to add more water and haven’t had trouble so I’m not sure what else to suggest. Let me know if that works! Sorry you’re not having any luck with it!!

  1. These are delicious! I really need to break out of trying primarily your SWEETS recipes…. they just lure me back again and again! I didn’t have trouble with the dough at all. These were best with the frosting — they are a slightly drier cookie, almost biscuit-y, which I liked (but some people are picky about their cookies).

    We made these with Star Wars cookie cutters for my daughter’s birthday party. For once I felt like a superstar serving vegan cake, cookies, etc. because it turned out 2 of the kids at the party had severe allergies to egg and dairy. Their mom said this was the 1st party they’d been to where they could enjoy the same cake & cookies as the other kids. That made me feel good! Thanks for your great recipes.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback Andria! I LOVE hearing that your vegan goodies were well received and that the kids with allergies could be included. So amazing!!! Yes, now try some healthy stuff…=)

  2. We just had our yearly Christmas cookie night with friends and made these cookies tonight. They were amazingly yummy!! The only thing was mines were kinda dry and flaky so I just added some water and they turned out! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome recipe. “Flax-eggs” are now our go-to for baking!

  3. No clue what I did wrong. Mine are gross…. I am a horrible cook 🙁
    I halved everything since I didn’t want that many and used Flax see oil which has never given me issues before. I want to try again but I can’t figure out what I did. They didn’t taste sugary but tasted more like bread but i am pretty sure I put the right amount of sugar. Any ideas?

    1. Oh no! Sorry!! I’ve never tried flax seed oil in place of eggs because the ground flax seeds with the warm water seem to gel up to make the right consistency to replace the egg. I’ve also used EnerG egg replacers with great success in this recipe. Hmm… these cookies aren’t really super sweet per say since they’re usually made with frosting, although I’ve served them without frosting to a class of 1st graders who ate them up. I’m not sure why they didn’t turn out for you but I’m sorry they didn’t!

    2. I probably did something stupid as I am a notoriously horrible cook. Or maybe my sweet tooth is just too big, lol. My brother ate my cookies surprisingly. He asked me if they were vegan and I said nope because for some reason, my family equates vegan with gross. He ate them right up so maybe it’s just me. I do have a bad habit of pouring sugar into my already sugary cereal until the soy milk gels up, lol. So I do crave very sweet things. Thanks for the help. I will try just the flax seed next time to see if that makes a difference.

  4. Made these with the kiddos today, thanks for the great recipe! We had to add a bit of water as well, and doubled the icing so that we had enough for different colors (used spinach, carrot, tumeric, carob/cocoa and red beet powders!) and we all had a blast. I bet Santa will enjoy this healthier take on sugar cookies;)

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