You know I love trying new vegan products to share with you and this was definitely a new, fun experience for my mouth! ¬†Slow Food For Fast Lives sent me all four flavors to try, although one mysteriously vanished when we had house guests ūüėČ ¬†I don’t blame them!

The flavors are so unique that I decided the best way to do this was to set up a little taste-testing station for my kids and our guests. ¬†Can I just say wow? ¬†The flavors are so incredibly different than any bar I’ve ever tasted.

Slow food for fast lives was born from a need for a healthy meal-on-the-go, Slow bars were created as an alternative to the traditional chocolate covered energy bars loaded with sugar many of us know (guilty!).

As I took my first bite, I immediately thought about that scene from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” when Violet¬†tastes the gum that has the flavors of¬†an entire dinner¬†in it. ¬†I could slowly taste each flavor separately…coconut, cumin, cauliflower. ¬†If you’re looking for a sweet flavored bar, these are not them. ¬†Like I said before, they are unlike anything I’ve tried so you have to eat them with an open mind, remembering that they are incredibly nourishing with pure ingredients.

My two oldest kids were brave enough to try them. My middle kid liked the Moroccan and Indian but the Thai was a bit too spicy for him (though it only has a little kick). ¬†My oldest wasn’t sure what to think! ¬†I did not get to try the California which has almond, kale, pomegranate and quinoa.

These bars really are a flavor explosion in your mouth and I absolutely love the colorful packaging! ¬†If you’re willing to go outside the “bar” box, these are certainly worth a try. ¬†I love that you can pack them for a hike, a trip or stash them in your purse when you know you won’t have time to make a healthy choice.

Check ’em out on their Facebook page here or their website here. ¬†Tell them Veggie Kids sent you!


Now it’s time for book talk.

Have you seen the super cute Clover coloring pages yet? ¬†Gene Hamilton, the illustrator (and my dad) of Clover’s Great Escape and The Boy Who Loved Broccoli, has created some fun coloring pages for your kids. Just click¬†and¬†print for free!

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.28.17 PM

And although the plan was to get Clover out to bookshelves and Kindles on June 18th, some minor details have detoured that plan.  So now, with me trying to be patient, it will be released June 30th instead.  Thanks for your patience!

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