The Boy Who Loved Broccoli

What is it about kids and vegetables?

So many parents struggle to get their children to eat anything green. Are you one of them? Well, you’re not alone!

This book was written with you in mind. Designed to not only eliminate the struggle between kids and veggies, this book helps kids get excited about getting their broccoli super powers!

Weeknight Vegan

Weeknight Vegan is full of vegan dinner recipes that are designed to be easy enough to make during the busy week, but are tasty enough that your kids will eat it! Enjoy plant-based meals Monday through Friday, leaving weekends for you to use up leftovers, head out to a new vegetarian restaurant or whip up a recipe of your own. Also included are some favorite bonus recipes!

Clover's Great Escape

Factory farming is a real problem affecting our bodies, our animals and our Earth. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, which is why I presented this story about Clover in such a gentle way. The story is great for any age group!

My Big Kid Bed

Parents, do you struggle with getting your kids to sleep in their own bed at night? I did too, which is why I wrote this helpful and motivating story. I hope it encourages your child to sleep all night in their own big kid bed! This book comes with a tracker so kids can see their progress.

How To Eat A Rainbow

Wish your kids ate more veggies?
Don’t we all! Get your hands on this super handy ebook loaded with tips, recipes, ideas and reasons to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Grab it now for only $5!


Need a food reset? Eat Clean is a 6-week online course designed to transform your family’s eating habits. This course covers everything from what to eat, why to eat it, how to meal plan, grocery shopping and cooking tips, plus tons more!

60 Quick & Easy Whole Foods Recipes

Get your hands on 60 whole foods recipes that are sure to never leave you bored with food! They’re easy to make with minimal ingredients and the desserts are so decadent, you’d never know they were actually good for you. Improve your health starting today!

Grumpy Teacher

It was all fun and games for the kids in Miss McGee’s class until one day they went too far and unleashed the terrifying Grumpy Teacher! Can they rid themselves of this horror and bring back their sweet tempered teacher?