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When I’m not teaching 3rd grade or constantly cooking for my three always hungry boys (can you relate?), I’m busy adding final touches to the revamped and better than ever 6-week online course, Eat Clean.  This is my second time releasing the program and it’s truly better than ever.  I’m so thrilled to say it had great reviews the first time around last winter (thank you, ladies!!), but now I’ve added even more things you busy moms requested.

Things like:

-learning why sugar is really something to be avoided and the hidden places it’s found

-finally getting your kids to eat (and enjoy!) vegetables

-kid-friendly snacks that are not only easy to prepare, but are super healthy and yummy

-recipes that are easy to swap out the protein so it’s adaptable for meat-eaters, vegans and vegetarians all under the same roof!

-meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking efficiently so you can save time AND money

That last one is the point I want to dig a little deeper with.

How many times have you strolled the aisles of the grocery store wondering what to cook that night, therefore, what to buy?  Or maybe you’ve been in your kitchen feeling totally unmotivated and unsure what to cook?

Having a plan is such a game changer; a plan with what to purchase at the grocery store and what to cook each night.

The Eat Clean online course teaches you how to create weekly meal plans that your family can be involved with.  It shows you how to be an efficient grocery shopper, which aisles to avoid and which items to stock up on.  You’ll find out which items you should buy organic and which you can get away with buying conventional.

Learn how to cook once and use it to create multiple meals, saving you time and energy.

Eat Clean will empower you at the grocery store and in your kitchen, leaving you feeling like the goddess you are!

Learn more about it here.  Course starts May 15th.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!   And if you have a busy mom friend who you think can use this, please pass it along.


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