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Peek Inside The Eat Clean eCourse

I’ve been dreaming up something this in-depth and life-changing for over 10 years.  Ever since I started this “vegan food blog” called Veggie-Kids, I wanted to create a package of some sort that could help families eat better.  Something that could teach parents about what truly is in our foods that we buy from the supermarket, something that would guide moms when shopping at the grocery store with kids in tow, something that would help busy working and stay-at-home moms be able to cook up something healthy and homemade for dinner, while not breaking the bank or their back, something that would provide everything they need in one place.

Thus, Eat Clean was born.

Eat Clean is a 6-week long online course that includes:

  • video modules that you watch and listen to,
  • assignments to help keep you accountable,
  • action steps and guides for you to print out and stick on your fridge or wherever you need a little nudge,
  • ways to swap out recipes in order to cater to all your family’s finicky tastes,
  • tons of easy, kid-tested recipes,
  • meal planners and a formula to create meal plans using one ingredient for several dishes,
  • tips to help you clean out and declutter your cupboards, pantry, drawers and fridge so you’ll not only feel better, but will be more efficient when cooking and preparing meals,
  • and so much more!

Here’s a breakdown of how the 6 weeks play out.

Pre-Week: In order to prepare for the transformation, we need to take a look at our sleep habits.  This week focuses on how well, or not, you sleep, and how it can affect everything else in your life.

Week 1:  Intentions.  This is where we dive deep into the unknown space of…YOU!  Each of us has a set of beliefs surrounding food that have been engrained in us since we were tiny.  How does that affect the way you view food today?  How does that affect the way you feed your kids?  In this week’s module you’ll be creating a vision board and doing some journaling and answering questions about your own food history.

Week 2:  Processed Foods, Cravings, Ingredients.  This week’s module covers what processed food really means and how your body processes it compared to whole, clean foods.  We talk about cravings and how you can make smarter choices to curb those cravings.  You’ll learn about ingredients to look out for in common grocery store items and the differences between what’s allowed in the Unites States versus other countries.  There’s some pretty eye-opening stuff in this week’s module!

Week 3:  Food labels and factory farming.  You’ll learn about why food labels don’t work so well on people (Paleo, Vegan, etc.) and get a crash course in industrialized farming aka factory farming.  Find out why it’s important to know where your food comes from and you can gain control over your food choices by voting with your dollars.

Week 4:  Meal Prepping, Decluttering Your Kitchen, Grocery Shopping Like a Boss.  This week is definitely the meat of the course.  You’ll start by getting your kitchen space ready, learn which tools you need most, how to meal plan, ways to use one or two ingredients for several meals, how to grocery shop efficiently and effectively to stretch your dollar and save you time, how to swap out ingredients to make a vegan or vegetarian recipe meat-friendly, making everyone in your household happy.

Week 5:  Oooh.  This week is good.  This is where you get all the delicious recipes to plug into your meal planner (with guidance), and you can start cooking up clean meals your family will totally dig!  You’ll get to put together everything you learned in the previous week’s modules to show off what a chef you truly are.

Resources:  There are endless resources to provide you with everything you need to succeed in this course.  Included in the resources are things like a Kitchen Must-Haves list, a Tracking Guide to track you and your kids progress with healthy eating, a 6-Step Meal Planning Guide, the Top Healthiest Processed Foods to Buy From The Grocery Store when you’re truly crunched for time, a Pantry and Grocery Shopping List, recommended books and documentaries and more.

Bonus Goodies: Oh there is so much good stuff in here!  Included is 30 Minute Dinner Recipes, Family Friendly Smoothies, Kid Snacks In A Snap and 5 One-Pot Dishes.  You’ll be more than set up to eat healthy for life!

You get all that for only $97.  Think about it.  For the price of a shopping trip to the grocery store, you could invest in yourself and your family’s health forever.  Remember, it starts January 16th, but the last day to purchase the course is this Sunday, January 8th.  Click here to buy.

I hope to see you inside the course!  Stay healthy.


PS If you think this sounds like something a friend or family member could use, please pass this information on to them.

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