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Veggie Kids YouTube Channel
My boys and I were busy over the Christmas break making (and editing) a few brand new videos for the VK YouTube Channel!  Be sure to check them out here.  With all the indulging going on while celebrating with family visiting, it was only natural to be drawn to juicing!  Even my little Jett got in on the tasting-a VK first.

Veggie Kids Resources
I’ve compiled a list with links of my favorite resources to help you in your plant-based journey.  From books to documentaries to pantry and grocery lists, you’ll find it here.

 B   O   O   K           R   E   V   I   E   W
I love doing book reviews on books my Veggie Kids and I actually really like!  This is one of them.  Dave Loves Chickens, written and illustrated by Carlos Patino, is a silly, yet heartfelt, story about a monster/alien dude who may look scary but really “has a heart of gold”.  Dave loves chickens (duh) and wonders why we humans eat meat as his diet is meatless.
The illustrations are cute but more than that I love the colors.  My boys and I giggled while reading this as there were some super silly parts.  And of course, I love the message behind it.
You can grab your own copy of Dave Loves Chickens here for $16.99.
Dave Loves Chickens is published by Vegan Publishers, a company formed in 2013 with a mission to publish a range of books that promote social consciousness and awareness related to veganism. They hope to spread positive messages about veganism including but not limited to food, emphasizing kindness, respect, compassion, and healthy living. Love it!
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