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New Vegan Cheddar Cheezits!


If you’ve been a follower of mine for any amount of time now then you’ll know that I am a fan of Earth Balance.  I love their vegan butter for everything from baking to spreading on toast.  Well, they’ve outdone themselves this time with their newest product; vegan Cheddar Squares!  They’re like the well-known Cheez-its, only without the yucky stuff.  When they sent me a box to try, I had to gather my lil’ taste testers and get to work.  Such a task, I know.

Cheddar Cade

The flavor is totally comparable to Cheez-its.  Cheesy, crunchy, salty, yum.  My boys and I really liked these snacks.  My only qualm with them is that they contain palm oil, an ingredient I’ve decided to keep out of our kitchen as much as possible.  (You can decide for yourself whether you think palm oil is okay to consume.  Just google it and you’ll see what I mean.)  When I asked Earth Balance about their take on the use of palm oil in their products I must say I was quite impressed with how they’re handling it.  You can read more about it at their site here.  Nonetheless, we do love these new vegan snacks!  I packed some in my oldest son’s lunch box and made his day!

Cheddar Snacks


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