MMHeaderBlogDo you feel like you could eat healthier?  Do you wish your kids ate more vegetables?  If you answered yes to both questions then you’re normal!

Most of us wish our families (and ourselves) ate better.

Well guess what?  It’s totally possible!

I’m here to introduce you to the 14-day Makeover Meals challenge where you can start TODAY by incorporating healthier meals into your day.  The 14-Day Makeover Meals challenge is an easy way to freshen up your meals by adding more fresh produce to your family’s diet.

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Every little bit counts!

The 14-Day Makeover Meals challenge includes…

…14 healthy, meatless dinner recipes that are ready in 30 minutes or less, along with 14 side dishes that are delicious and easy to prepare.

By signing up for the FREE challenge (yes!  It’s totally free!!), you’ll receive 28 total family-friendly recipes (they’re vegan, yet easy to make substitutions with if you choose to go vegetarian or incorporate meat). You’ll also get a two-week meal plan and a super cool Ultimate Tracking Guide, which you can print off, stick on the ‘fridge and start tracking your success immediately.

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The cool thing about the Ultimate Tracking Guide is that you can print one for each family member and turn it into a friendly little competition to see who eats the most fruits and veggies each day or each week!  Plus, how proud will you feel when you look back at your progress?  It’s just the nudge you need to jump start your family’s health.

The 14-Day Makeover Meals challenge includes:

  • 14 dinner recipes
  • 14 side dish recipes
  • breakfast, lunch and snack ideas
  • Ultimate Tracking Guide

…and it’s all printer-friendly!

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Sign up now below or read more about the Makeover Meals 14-Day Challenge here.  Remember, it all adds up!


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