Holiday Craft Time: Art-On-A-String

It’s that time of year!  Craft time is the best time around this house.  I had two of my three Veggie Kids with me all day today and although it was a beautiful, sunny California day, we were itching to do an art project.  This one is taken from a Harvest-themed project my oldest son did at school.  I helped my youngest with his, then he decided we should make an airplane instead.  Hey, whatever keeps that kid busy is fine by me! 
Hang these stringed creations on a door knob, from the ceiling or on a tree.  They’re double-sided and would look fabulous in a window too!  We decided we’re going to make a whole wintery scene for our front window.  (That’s the closest we’ll come to snow!)
You’ll Need:
construction paper of various colors
yarn or string
glue or glue stick
1.  Cut desired length of yarn.  Just don’t make it too long or it will get too tangled up.  
2.  Cut out two of each shape for the object you’re creating.  
3.  Glue the sides together, placing the string inside.  Add details using markers or additional craft paper, glitter or whatever your heart desires!  Use them to decorate windows, trees, door knobs, ceilings or even your car’s rearview mirror! 

We made a wintery scene with construction paper and hung this little tree from the top.  The boys and I also are planning a stop-motion video with these using this app.  So cool!!

Jett was so happy with his paper airplane constructed to look like a character 
from the movie “Planes”.

While we were crafting away we were listening to this super-rad Christmas music.  It’s such lovely background music and really puts you in that warm holiday spirit.  Enter the First Annual Holiday Giveaway coming up in December!  (This is one of the goodies in the package!)
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