Help Get "Broccoli Boy" Into Walmart!

When I wrote The Boy Who Loved Broccoli several years ago I always envisioned it would inspire kids to gobble up a plate of veggies, throw on a cape and save the world.  And over the years I’ve heard from so many of you that it’s done just that.  I can’t thank you enough for your continued support of Veggie Kids and all of my endeavors.  I have had so many wonderful opportunities through VK and authoring my book.

Now I have another amazing opportunity to inspire and encourage families and kids to get their veggie power by getting The Boy Who Loved Broccoli  onto the shelves of Walmart.  And in order to do that I need your help!  Please vote daily here to show your support and share it with your friends.  The Walmart judges want to see that it’s a must-have item for their stores.  And I think Walmart could use a healthy product!

Thank you so much!  
I’ve got some easy back-to-school recipes coming up during August along with 30-minute vegan dinner ideas!
And since we’re voting here.  please vote for VK in the Circle Of Moms 2013 Top NorCal Mom Blogs!  
Voting is once a day until August 13th.  THANK YOU!
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