Health Coach


Hi, I’m Sarah Creighton.  I’m a health coach, author, teacher and am obsessed with helping families eat healthier!  I’ve been featured in Today’s Mom, Martha’s Circle, Raw Food Magazine, VegNews,, The Kind Life, One Green Planet, Future Fortified, Green Parent Magazine UK and more. 

In addition to my main online course, Eat Clean, I offer 1-on-1 health coaching through email.


1-on-1 email coaching: you’ll receive a full day of emailing me for instant back-and-forth communication $75-$225

Here are a few ideas of what I can help with:

-how to cook healthier, and actually enjoy it

-jump start your health with quick, go-to recipes

-how to incorporate more healthy habits into your lifestyle

-how to grocery shop smarter, more efficiently and stretch your dollar

-how to cook for a variety of tastes (e.g., carnivores, herbivores…) & how to swap ingredients in recipes

-how to eat cleaner (less junk & processed foods) & make it a lifetime habit

-how to get your kids to eat healthy and not fight with them about it

-how to incorporate less meat into your diet (hello Meatless Monday craze!)

-how to meal plan like a boss

-how to set intentions, stay positive, stay focused on clean eating

-how to go vegan

-how to cook vegan recipes

-how to kick your eating habits up a notch

I offer the following EMAIL COACHING PACKAGES:

If you’d like to work with me for a month, choose the 4-day plan and we can email 1x/week.  Many people choose this method as they get the most out of it.

Here’s what busy moms have said about our time together:

“Sarah helped me feed my family healthier meals, provided me with meal plans and recipes that my kids loved and truly changed the way my kids eat.  What she provides is priceless!”

“Working Sarah as a Food Coach really made my family’s meal time better.  The fighting about what’s being served and about eating their veggies is over!  Sarah is helpful and practical in her approach to helping families eat better.”

To sign up, purchase your session(s) below and email me so we can set up a time that works best with your schedule.  My email:

  • Click HERE to purchase 1 day of emailing.
  • Click HERE to purchase 2 days of emailing.
  • Click HERE to purchase 3 days of emailing.
  • Click HERE to purchase 4 days of emailing.