EZ Tofu Press Sponsor Post

Meet our sponsor!  
The EZ Tofu Press is such a cool gadget that just makes life easier.  
Check them out at or order yours here!

Just set up your block of tofu like this and watch all the moisture drip out!  I love how you can just set it up while you’re prepping the rest of your recipe.  I also love how easy the cleanup is.  Simply rinse and let dry.
See the drips?
Need some ideas for TOFU?  Check out these tried and true recipes!
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As some of you know from following me on Instagram and Twitter, I’m a huge advocate of Leonie Dawson and her Amazing Biz & Life Academy.  I joined a few months ago and wished I signed up sooner because it’s been so beneficial in so many ways.  In the beginning of the year I got her workbook which is AWESOME, then became an affiliate (I get half of what you guys purchase which keeps VK running!), then got hooked on her Academy.  It’s been all uphill and is such an exciting journey!

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