Eat Clean Starts May 15th

Hi Busy Mama!  I’m kind of becoming totally obsessed with this course, Eat Clean. I launched it last winter and now it’s back with even more goodies inside!  This 6-week online course is all about helping out busy moms who want a plan when it comes to eating healthier.  

Here’s what a couple moms who took the course last winter said:

“Eat Clean changed the way my family eats.  I feel like I now have a plan in place for preparing meals and shopping.  Even on those nights when we barely have time to eat, I know I’ve made time to fix them a healthy meal.”

-Leslie, mom of 4

“I cannot say enough great things about this online course.  Not only did it teach me things I didn’t know about ingredients in foods to avoid, but it reminded me why eating clean is important.  I feel like I’m empowered now and that feels awesome!”

-Cheryl, mom of 2

This 6 week eCourse includes:

  • How & why to avoid processed foods
  • Preparing your mental space &kitchen space, along with decluttering
  • Learning to meal prep & use a meal planner
  • Batch cooking to save you time & money
  • Grocery shopping strategies & tips
  • Swapping out ingredients to cook for everyone in your family
  • Tons of easy, yummy recipes!


There are a wide variety of recipes for all of your family’s preferences.  The course takes you through how to shop and plan to save time and money in the kitchen, while still preparing healthy, home-cooked meals.

You’ll also get loads of resources and bonus goodies such as:

  • 30-minute dinner recipes
  • Family-friendly smoothies
  • Kids snacks in a snap
  • 5 one-pot dishes
  • Favorite kitchen must-haves

You can truly transform the way your family eats by enrolling in the Eat Clean course now.

The course starts May 15th and you can sign up now!

PLUS you get this cool BONUS GIFT just for signing up…

12 Easy Super Food Smoothies.

(The smoothie guide is valued at $19)

Use this incredible guide as a jump start to your healthy lifestyle.  It’s the perfect thing to get you started before the course begins!

Learn more about it here.

Sale ends May 14th at midnight PST

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!   And if you have a busy mom friend who you think can use this, please pass it along.


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