Don’t you wish you could cook for Mr. and Mrs. Obama? How cool would that be?  Well, two of my three boys were of age to participate in the 5th Annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge in which they had to come up with an original recipe using fresh, local ingredients and following the My Plate guidelines.  Being that my kids love to cook (and eat), they got started right away.  Each kid knew exactly what he wanted to make.  Braylon, my 10-year old, made Rainbow Sushi (see photos below).  Cade, my 12-year old, made a Black Bean Slider (coming up in Part 2).

Both recipes came out amazingly tasty and beautiful (they styled and photographed it themselves), but only one moved on to the finals.  More to come on that later in Part 2.


Rainbow Sushi



We did a video of the full recipe, which is coming on the Veggie Kids YouTube Channel as soon as I can edit it!  I’ll keep you posted as soon as it’s ready.

Do your kids love to cook?  What did you do to instill this in them?  Does your family cook dinner together?  Tell me in the comments below!

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