Doritos fans rejoice!  Beanfield’s chips has come up with a healthy, vegan version of the nacho and ranch flavored Doritos, along with so many other tasty flavors.  I am so happy to hear about great companies like this one that care about what goes into their products.  Beans and rice are the main ingredients in these chips but you’d never know it!



Beanfields was kind enough to send me a huge sampler of their yummy chips and let me tell you, my boys were itching to dig in.  I decided to wait until my family from out of town came to visit so we could all get in on the action.   Impatient as I was, we ended up bringing the entire box on our Lake Tahoe vacation.  With the chips laid out on the table, the taste-testing began!  (The high elevation made the bags puff up as you can see from the bottom picture-kinda cool!)


With flavors like Salt ‘N Pepper, Nacho (hello!!), Pico de Gallo and even Unsalted,  I decided my favorite was the BBQ or the Ranch.  (An added bonus; the BBQ flavor has no sugar…unlike most BBQ flavors!)  Their website promotes these chips having more protein per serving than an egg!!  Crazy, I know.  It’s all about taking the guilt out of snacking.


 If you’ve tried these chips let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite. 



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