Checking In: How’s It Going On Your 28-Day-Vegan-Challenge?

28 Day Vegan Challengeare you still on board?
How are y’all  doing with the challenge?  For some of you you’re already vegan or mostly plant-based but perhaps are trying to pursued someone (a spouse perhaps?) to get on board. Others of you are starting fresh and this is all new to you.  Whichever boat you’re in I hope you’re having great results and know that the ride isn’t always a smooth one.  If you fall off the “wagon” just hop right back on without beating yourself up!

Some tips:

-Check out a new restaurant that serves tasty plant-based menu items (we have a Veggie Grill in our neck of the woods that is notorious for turning carnivores vegan)

-Take a few extra minutes at the grocery store (or better yet, check out new health food store you’ve never been to) to find some new plant-based foods you’ve never tried.  Gardein is a great brand for faux meats if that’s your thing.  Ever cook with beets?  Try some new produce while you’re at it and mix it up in the kitchen.  Don’t be afraid to search the frozen foods section for pre-made veg-friendly meals!  Amy’s makes some delicious varieties and you’ll be glad you have them on hand on the busy nights when cooking may not be an option.

Click on the picture above and print it off, stick it on your ‘fridge or bathroom mirror or add the challenge picture to your phone as a reminder.

Here’s a recap:

Week 1 (Days 1-7)
Eliminate Dairy: This means replace your milk, butter, yogurt and cheese with a plant-based version.  There are so many great brands out there to try so experiment until you find the ones you love.  Giving up cheese is usually the hardest part for people.  Cheese contains casein which has narcotic-like effects, making it addictive.  Keep this in mind and recognize that it may take about 2-3 days for you to get over your cheese cravings.  Your digestive system will thank you!

Week 2 (Days 8-14)  This is where most of you are if you started the challenge June 1st.
Switch to Whole Grains:  Just by switching to a whole grain diet will drastically improve your digestion and health.  Whole grains are filled with fiber which aid in cleaning out the body and ridding it of toxins.  Think you won’t like whole grain pasta?  Try it for a few weeks before ruling it out completely.  Or if you’re really struggling, use half white pasta and half whole grain until you get used to it.  Experiment with spices and seasonings and you may be surprised what new foods you like!
A benefit to this stage?  Elimination.  That’s a nice way of saying your body will be cleaning out more regularly and you’ll be headed for the loo more often.

Week 3 (Days 15-21)
5 Days of Plants Only:  Now it’s time to try 5 days in a row of going vegan.  Then take 2 days off if you need to.  This takes the pressure off of yourself so you’re not filled with guilt.  Use the “Plants Only” eBook to help you plan your meals and try some new recipes!

Week 4 (Days 22-28)
7 Days In a Row Completely Vegan: By now you should be more familiar with plant-based foods and feeling darn good!  The key to sticking with a vegan lifestyle is to plan ahead.  Take the time to meal plan, make some recipes ahead of time, check out your grocery stores and farmers markets to see which stores carry the vegan foods you like or try a new veg-friendly restaurant.

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