Who Am I?

I’m a mom to three veggie boys and like you, I’m busy! Life can certainly get overwhelming at times and the last thing I want to think about is what to cook. Us moms want the best for our family but it’s hard finding the time to cook healthy meals. Well I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible, but you can completely overhaul your family’s eating habits!

I’ve always believed in eating healthy, but it wasn’t until I healed myself of a tennis-ball sized ovarian cyst back in 2008 that I truly believed in the benefits of it. I was told I’d need surgery to remove the cyst but I knew that wasn’t for me.  After lots of research on how we can use plants (food) to heal, I not only changed my own eating habits, but I completely healed myself of that cyst within 2 weeks!

After that moment I was sold on taking the time to feed my family nutritious, plant-dense foods. I’m a big believer in using plants to heal. So whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or full-time working parent, I can honestly tell you that this is the best thing you can do for your family and yourself.

I’ve been helping families likes your eat healthier since 2010, when I started Veggie-Kids.com.  If you need a nudge in the right direction, try the FREE 14-Day Makeover Meals challenge today!  You’ll get 2 week’s worth of easy and delicious recipes for your family to try, along with a meal planner, meal ideas and an Ultimate Tracking Guide to watch your progress.  Grab a friend to do the challenge with you!

My entire motivation behind everything I do is to help families like yours transition to a more plant-based lifestyle and to eat better. All of the recipes on Veggie-Kids are vegan, yet are easy to substitute in whatever your family likes. So if you’re simply wanting to incorporate more plants into your diet or you want to jump into a vegan lifestyle 100%, I’ve got you covered!

In the meantime, grab your copy “The Boy Who Loved Broccoli”! It’s designed to help kids not only eat their veggies, but feel good and have fun in the process.

Also check out my children’s book “Clover’s Great Escape” based on a true story about a sweet cow who narrowly escapes the slaughterhouse. Written in a gentle way, it’s a great conversation starter.

Email me at sarah@veggie-kids.com.  I’d love to help you and your family eat healthier today!

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“I’ve been looking for something to nudge my family in the right direction in terms of our eating habits. Veggie Kids gave me the inspiration needed to finally make a change for the better. Sarah has provided my family the tools we need to prepare healthy recipes my kids will actually eat.” -Kathy J., Boston, Mass.

“I found Veggie Kids one day when looking for vegan recipes for my family. I was so thankful when I discovered so many delicious and most of all, easy, plant-based recipes and ideas. Her Vegan Starter Guide has also helped my husband give it a try!”-Ana B., Pasadena, CA