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5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier Today


  • Involve them.  Talk to your kids about what they like to eat and allow them to help you meal plan, grocery shop and even cook.  If you haven’t already tried this free 14-Day Meal Challenge, grab it now.  It has 2-weeks worth of dinners and sides that you can easily plug into a meal planner or rotate around your family’s favorite meals.  Ask your kids what they’d like to eat and give them a grocery list of those items to check off.  Kids feel empowered when they have a purpose and are much more likely to want to try green veggies.


  • Have fun!  If you make “having” to eat their vegetables serious, you’ll never win.  Let your kids touch, smell, feel, taste the veggies.  Be silly with them and yes, let your kids play with their food!  You could do vegetable stamping (cut a veggie in half, dip in paint and make some veggie-art!) or simply let your kids create a work of art with cut up fruits and vegetables, even if they never take a single bite.


  • Put in the time.  You must be consistent and persistent.  Offer kids a variety of beautiful, colorful produce choices often.  Yes, you may end up wasting food because it won’t get eaten, but we’re going for the long-haul here.  I’m sure you’ve heard statistics about kids being presented with a food over 20 times before they will even try a bite.  This may not be true for your child, but it certainly is true that you can’t give up.  Many parents try a “no thank you bite”, meaning the kid is allowed just one tiny nibble and if he/she doesn’t like it, no problem.  Then you do it again at the next meal, and the next.  You get the idea.


  • Make it pretty.  We all eat with our eyes first, even kids, so make the healthy food look presentable.  Cut up some red bell peppers into strips and put them in a circle around a plate with a few peas in the center to create a “flower”.  Use a vegetable spiralizer to make carrots, zucchini or cucumbers look like worms!  Or try one of these cool tools to cut little shapes out of peppers.  Put the effort in and you’ll be rewarded.


  • Eat your (own) veggies!  When kids see the grown ups in their life eat healthy, it’s a guaranteed way to impact their thoughts and feelings around food…forever! Think back to how your parents, especially the mother figure in your life, ate.  What was her relationship with food?  Were you presented with whole, nutritious foods or did dinnertime consist of a microwaved meal?  This matters because whatever you’re doing now in your house will absolutely have an affect on your child as an adult.  Why not make healthy impressions starting today?

Have fun experimenting and remember not to give up!  If you need extra support, be sure to check out my SHOP page here.  Many moms have sworn by this book as a helpful tool to get their kiddos eating something green!

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