5 Healthy Habits

Feeling like you need to kickstart your health?  Here are 5 healthy habits you can start right now. (Download the PDF version here.)

  1.  Drink more water.  I know, I know.  You’ve all heard this one many times.  But if you’re feeling sluggish, sleepy or headachey, sip more water.  My favorite way to consume more water is to flavor it with a slice of lemon, cucumber, basil, mint or berries.  Just throw it in with your water and carry it around with you all day.  Don’t forget to refill it!  Notice how much better you feel just from making this simple change.
  2. Control your thoughts!  This sounds wacky, but did you know that we humans think the same fews thoughts over and over again without even realizing it?  Be in control of what you think about.  Be conscious of thinking positive, happy thoughts and watch how your day changes.  Focus on the good.  Look for and notice the positive.  Have gratitude for the smallest things and you’ll find your mood lifting.
  3. Increase your greens.  If you do nothing else, simply eat more dark leafy greens daily.  This could be in the form of a smoothie (try a handful of spinach or kale), a delicious salad once per day (change up your dressing and add fruit and nuts to spice things up!), or incorporated in your sandwich, burrito or taco (the fiber in the leaves will help fill you up too).
  4. Stretch it out.  I’ve made it a habit to incorporate a stretching routine into my morning and it makes me feel so energized!  Stretching your body doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just spend as little as 3-5 minutes per day doing a little stretch such as touching your toes, reaching your arms up to the ceiling or my favorite, the happy baby pose (a super silly yoga move).
  5. Sleep!  This one is so overlooked and can be easier said than done.  But we all know how we feel when we don’t get enough sleep.  And most of us are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.  This affects our productivity, our mood and our eating habits.  Try getting to sleep just 20 minutes earlier and set a good sleep routine into place such as dimming the lights, stretching, turning off electronics and not consuming food at least 1 hour prior to hitting the sack.  (Look for a sleep tracker in your inbox soon, just for signing up for the Eat Clean course!)

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